We’ve heard it a thousand times already. “Use the right tool for the job”. It’s a very popular phrase between developers. Just look at the number of times it has been mentioned on HackerNews . Or search the internet and see enormous number of articles that DuckDuckGo or Ecosia or any other search engine have on the topic. While it sounds nice and useful, let’s first see some issues with this saying, and also what I recommend you to do when feeling paralyzed by the multitude of tools that people preach are the right ones.

I admit publicly that I like doing code reviews. Code that is submitted for review often contains a lot of implicit information and assumptions of a fellow developer that authored it. Going into their thought process sometimes reveals what we’ll see more and more often in software development - a forgotten knowledge about some topic and a way of working that is driven by inertia. “Now wait a second Ivan,” I hear you say, “what in the world does that have to do with prefixing names of my tests with… test?”